our mission

In harmony with our corporate values, Team Tardif's mission is to guide our clients in a personalized real estate transaction tailored to their needs in a professional, simple and pleasant atmosphere. Our fees are adapted to the reality of today. The goal of our approach is to offer optimal results to our customers by taking into account the peculiarities of the constantly evolving market. The Tardif team directs its actions in order to develop long-term and close relations with its clientele in order to become their real estate "family doctor".

Our values


We work as a team with the common goal of serving our clients with a high level of professionalism by putting everyone's strength at work. Clients are part of the team and their ideas are put forward to achieve the expected results.


Conduct forward transactions in the best conditions for our clients meet their requirements and ultimately become their reference in real estate to serve their loved ones in the future. Our competitive spirit leads us to always push our limits.


The desire to give the right time to our customers from the beginning of the relationship to manage their expectations with our increased knowledge of the market. Double representation of clients is avoided within the team in order to treat all stakeholders fairly.


By listening to the needs of our customers, we act and advise them as members of our family. We support them throughout the process through a network of qualified professionals.


We take care not to complicate matters at Team Tardif. By popularizing, explaining the steps and forms to enlighten our customers. Having a coffee, chatting and interacting with them outside the simple transactional framework allows us to develop long-term relationships.


A contagious energy that sets the table for a pleasant and effective transaction. This dynamism is recognized and appreciated by our colleagues.


At us, the customer is king! Our team allows flexibility in scheduling and ensures that they always have someone online to help our customers and answer their questions. At our place, the customer is king.

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