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Équipe Tardif: real estate professionals who know how to join forces

A team of brokers that stands out in many ways

Équipe Tardif: 2 times more successful

How do you double your chances of success in your real estate transactions? By hiring a close-knit team that invariably rows in the same direction as your objectives. Welcome to the world of Équipe Tardif!

An unmatched complementarity

David and Maxime Tardif have a lot in common. In addition to being twin brothers, they share many common passions such as sport, an Iron Man title, the spirit of competition and... the sacred fire for real estate and its challenges!

1 property sold every day

To reach cruising speed, Équipe Tardif now relies on the hard work of 8 brokers as well as 2 full-time assistants. Each stakeholder brings their added value to the team!

Why choose Équipe Tardif Royal LePage?

“Because we are demanding. For example, at all times, we ask our buyers to have mortgage prequalifications.

Thus, we minimize unpleasant surprises during the buying or selling process. We bank on an approach where the time of all parties is maximized. This allows us to focus on the essentials by investing all the time necessary when negotiating a fair price or finding THE property that suits the specific needs of a client. We dare to think outside the box and our methods bear fruit.

As proof: our many references! We are close to our customers before, during and above all, after the transaction.”

Maxime and David Tardif.

Meet our real estate professionals

Maxime Tardif

Real estate broker

David Tardif

Real estate broker

Félix Rivest

Real estate broker

Danick Charpentier

Residential real estate broker

Martin Rodrigue

Real estate broker

Lisa Angelosanto

Real estate broker

Shangyu Xu

Residential real estate broker

Henri Haesler

Real estate broker

Éric Sinclair

Real estate broker

Jaimie Irving

Real estate broker

Anik Mercure

Real estate broker


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