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House for sale Pointe St-Charles

Located just minutes from downtown, between Griffintown and Verdun, Pointes St-Charles is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Montreal. It was once the industrial heart of the city before the 1970 closure of the Lachine Canal, which is why its streets are dotted with workers’ houses. Since then, following community and social movements, the neighborhood has turned into a real residential area where the sense of community reigns.

Pointe St-Charles: a rapidly changing neighborhood

The sector now attracts several young entrepreneurs. It has undergone urbanization and several industrial buildings located south of the Lachine Canal have been transformed into residential and commercial housing and luxury condos. We think, for example, of Nordelec or the former Redpath refinery whose spaces have been converted into lofts and offices.

Choose Pointe St-Charles to lead an active lifestyle

Pointes St-Charles is a neighborhood that benefits from several green spaces, parks, bike lanes and proximity to the Lachine Canal. It is the perfect place for people who have a more active lifestyle. ”La rue du Centre” and Wellington Street are the main streets of the neighborhood where you will find several shops, restaurants, and bars.

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