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House for sale Griffintown

Griffintown is located south of downtown Montreal. It is bounded by the Bonaventure Expressway to the east and by Notre-Dame Street to the north. Like each district of the city, it has a particular architecture. As you walk through its alleys, you will notice that Griffintown has an industrial style. Indeed, in the past, it was a workers’ neighborhood where you could find several factories and warehouses given the proximity of the St. Lawrence River which made business activities favorable.

Choose to live in Griffintown for its proximity to the Lachine Canal

Today Griffintown is a creative and residential area with a great atmosphere. One of the advantages of living in this district is that it is bordered by the Lachine Canal where you can walk and cycle. Most of the new buildings have a view of the canal. It’s a very popular area due to its proximity to downtown and the old port of Montreal.

Griffintown: A place of culture where life is good

If you are a lover of fine cuisine, you will find delicious restaurants on Notre-Dame Street West and everywhere in the neighborhood. In addition, several antique stores, various boutiques and green spaces are dotted around the area. It’s an artistic neighborhood where you will find works of art in the Parc des Meubliers, various galleries as well as the Arsenal Contemporary Art.

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