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Team Tardif: Twice the Success

How can you double your chances of success in a real estate transaction? By hiring a close-knit team that sets its sights on achieving the same outcome as you do.

Welcome to Team Tardif!

Two peas in a pod

David and Maxime Tardif have a lot in common. Not only are they twins, but they also share many of the same interests. They both love sports and have a highly competitive spirit. Both have an Iron Man title as well as un unwavering passion for real estate and its challenges!

1 property sold every 2 days

To maintain their impressive cruising speed, Team Tardif now relies on the hard work of 8 brokers and 2 full-time assistants. Everyone brings something unique to the table.

Why choose Royal LePage’s Team Tardif?

“Because we are very demanding. For example, we always ask buyers to be pre-qualified for a mortgage.

This minimizes any unpleasant surprises during the buying or selling process. Our approach also makes the most of everyone’s time. Focusing on what’s truly essential gives us more time to invest in negotiating a fair price or in finding the perfect property for our clients. We dare to think outside the box and our methods pay off.

Our many references are proof of this. We work closely with our customers before, during and especially after the transaction.”

— Maxime and David Tardif

Félix Rivest

Felix Rivest

Real estate broker

Pure and extraordinary devotion!

Felix is definitely the rising star of the team. Determined, energetic and hard-working, he has his heart set on succeeding and spreading his positivity around him. He is passionate about real estate and related fields and is always on top of trends and new technology. An ambitious young man who will, without a doubt, be one of Montreal’s future number one in the real estate industry.

Felix has an identical twin brother in the fashion industry, who is just as ambitious and hard-working as he is. This explains why you will always see Felix well-dressed on any day of the week.

Danick Charpentier

Danick Charpentier

Residential real estate broker

For an exciting experience!

Danick is surely one of those personalities we love instantly. Vibrant, pleasant and outgoing, this former financial industry account director knows just about everyone or at least someone who knows someone. His connections and people skills are truly an asset for the team.

Danick loves sports cars, he is passionate about World War II and loves spending time in the woods hunting and fishing. He also participated in multiple Ironman and endurance races. His son, Justin, is his carbon copy.

Martin Rodrigue

Martin Rodrigue

Real estate broker

For constant support!

Honest, reassuring and a good listener, Martin is always eager to satisfy his clients. He is the perfect adviser who will always do his very best to fulfill your needs and deliver impeccable work, and all that, with a big smile. Martin is the friend with good advice who will always find the effective solution for a winning transaction. Multidisciplinary and touch-all, Martin lived in Martinique for several years where he worked in the real estate industry. Back in Quebec, he followed his passion to help his clients realize their real estate dreams with devotion and hard work. Martin is also a family man who loves to spend time with his daughter Juliane and his wife, particularly in their cottage in the Eastern Townships.

Lisa Angelosanto

Lisa Angelosanto

Real estate broker

My passion for real estate and my desire to offer a service that meets the expectations of my clients make me the best ally for all your transactions. Always on the lookout for changes in the market, as well as new technological trends; my knowledge will bring you the necessary expertise to conclude, under optimal conditions, your real estate project.

I am an honest person, expert in my field and who prioritizes quality human relations. I strive for excellence for every transaction in which I get involved and that's why I chose to join a team that looks like me.

Mathieu St-Laurent

Mathieu St-Laurent

Real estate broker

A residential and commercial real estate broker since 2013, Mathieu is a person who likes to be part of an inspiring and successful team, which is why he joined the Tardif team in 2017. A person always on the lookout for news Training and trends, Mathieu always wants to improve his knowledge and pass it on to his colleagues. Mathieu is Tardif's sales director, which is responsible for ensuring that transactions run smoothly and ensuring that coordination is perfect within the team. Curious by nature, Mathieu keeps abreast of the best practices of the profession by following several courses annually. If you have a question about real estate or want information quickly in your file, this is the person to contact.

Integrity + Creativity + Talent = Results

  • Members of the Royal LePage Chairman Club in 2016 and 2017
  • Among the top 1% in Canada
  • Members of the Top Ten Provincial for Quebec in 2016 and 2017
  • Individuals of the year for the Shelter Foundation in 2017
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