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… or 10 Reasons to use the services of a Real Estate Broker

To sell a property in 1990, it had to be displayed in a local newspaper. The Centris search engine did not exist to facilitate the shopping of properties, cell phones were not yet smartphones and looked more like calculators, you had to unplug the house phone to be able to surf the Internet and let’s not forget how long all of this took… it was just too much! Light years away from electronic signatures, we were forced to print a document and send it by fax … without forgetting to keep the confirmation of sending. For Open Houses, apart from putting a sign up on your lawn and hoping that some passers-by see it, you had to be more than creative! Let’s not forget how complex it was to take a picture of a property, we had to run to develop the film before even seeing if the images were good or not!

Since then, the technological era has worked to bring us into a society where everything is accelerating. Our days are too busy, there are endless to-do lists, we always have to hurry and still put off what we did not have time to do until tomorrow. Time has become the primary asset in our lives and yet, time can’t be bought!

Why use the services of a Real Estate Broker ?

While today, a simple Google search will present the latest properties on the market, offer the latest mortgage rates or give all sellers the opportunity to receive email offers from potential buyers, the work of a real estate broker is much more complex than you may think. Your real estate broker has plenty of time to focus on your transaction-since it’s his full-time job! And you, between work, gym, children, evenings at the restaurant with friends, household chores and everything else … do you really have time to be on the lookout for the real estate market? How much is your time worth?

…time flies…

Who will prepare the market study of your property, coordinate the photographer, analyze the comparable houses nearby, write the purchase offers, showcase your property, coordinate visits, organize an Open House, review recent inscriptions, make a counter offer to potential buyers, plan visit schedules and negotiate like a pro, all of this according to your requirements?

Is it realistic to think of selling or buying a property in the most advantageous terms on your own, while your professional and personal lives are going at a hundred miles an hour?

Dealing with a real estate broker is like having an ally on your side always ready to act quickly. Time is an essential element in a real estate transaction. You have to know when and how to act when the market is hot, or take the risk of losing the right buyer for your property. Managing the expectations of buyers is also an expertise that your real estate broker masters in all its complexity.

It is true that sellers these days have several tools to sell their property alone, but do you have the length of experience of a real estate broker? Do you have the knowledge they have acquired over the transactions that have made them a reference in their field? Do you have the negotiating skills to provide yourself with the best value? Though you may not, your real estate broker DOES!

Here are 10 more reasons to hire a real estate broker:

  1. They sell or buy at the RIGHT price;
  2. They keep you well informed;
  3. They take advantage of their network and their resources;
  4. They provide a professional and personalized service adjusted to your needs;
  5. They assure some protection as they are governed by the Real Estate Brokerage Act;
  6. They have a neutral and objective opinion;
  7. They maximize the visibility and traffic of your property;
  8. They provide peace of mind
  9. They have a bank of serious and pre-qualified buyers;
  10. They will save your time and give you the opportunity to do what you love;

I hope I’ve convinced you that the best way to sell or acquire a home is to work with a real estate broker. He will help you maximize your benefits, all you need to do now is to choose one…! Whether you are a seller or a buyer, Équipe Tardif of Royal LePage understands that “time is the most precious thing because it’s the only thing that cannot be produced, donated, traded or sold”, so entrust us with your transactions and devote YOUR time to the most important things in life: your family, your passions, your dreams … We will take care of the rest!

“time is the most precious thing because it’s the only thing that cannot be produced, donated, traded or sold”

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